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AngularJS Development Company in Kolkata

With a handful of experience in the web design and development market, Intlum Technology is capable of offering you the topnotch AngularJS development services which are secure, easily maintainable, robust, and extensible with a number of added features. With the AngularJS development, Intlum aims at simplifying the application development and testing with a framework for the client-side MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. We provide you with the scalable AngularJS web applications that serve the most complex requirements of the businesses with diverse verticals.

Our team of professional AngularJS developers is always enthusiastic about making use of state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge tools to offer unmatched AngularJS development services. By utilizing the exclusive features of this JavaScript framework, Intlum covers the range of eCommerce website and marketplaces, social media app, music and video streaming apps, and many more with ease.

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Our AngularJS Development Solutions Match Your Business and Expertise to Offer Bespoke Results.

CMS Solution

CMS Solution

We offer a plethora of different options when it comes to the choice of a CMS (Content Management System) for the development projects of our clients. The perfect CMS for any project depends on how advanced the CMS is required, what language it will be built in, and who is going to use the end product. AngularJS experts from Intlum custom and open source AngularJS CMS for major platforms like Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla!

CRM Solution

CRM Solution

Our custom CRM development services have helped a plethora of businesses and clients to achieve their goals. Your performance of marketing, service domain, and sales are going to go higher with our open source AngularJS apps which are affordable and capable of efficiently tracking leads and scopes. With the CRM applications developed by Intlum, you will be powered to offer your clients complete satisfaction by tracking their every little detail and requirement.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

Considering the fact that AngularJS scripts are exceptionally compatible with the server-side scripting, desktop applications, and command-line scripting, a good number of developers are using AngularJS to build the enterprise applications all across the globe. Your business gets greatly benefitted with our customized AngularJS enterprise applications. The end products we develop with the help of AngularJS are immensely fast, cost-efficient, and reliable in the long run. We make sure our clients get the highest productivity which is why they crown us as the best AngularJS development company in Kolkata.

AngularJS Development Services We Offer

Intlum is your AngularJS development partner with a handful of benefits to offer.There are several aspects which will advocate on our company’s behalf for choosing Intlum.
Let’s see a few of them.

Single Page Applications

Web App Development

Version Migration

Mobile App Development

Plugin Development

Portal Development

Ecommerce Development

UI/UX Development

Why Choose AngularJS?

There cannot be any conflict regarding choosing AngularJS for your web application and other developmental projects.
However, we will still give you a few viable reasons which will help you understand the true power of AngularJS and come to a conclusion.

Multiple Platforms

AngularJS Codes work for multiple different platforms with ease. A code which has been built for developing one application can be reused to create another application for another target platform including mobile, web, native mobile, and native desktop apps.

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Code Splitting

Code Splitting is an immensely useful and effective benefit AngularJS can offer you. With the component router, AngularJS applications load faster and automatically split the codes. So, different pages have different codes which will only load when a particular page view is requested.

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Progressive Web Apps

Most of the modern-day high-performing, dynamic, offline, zero loading time, and simple to install web applications are developed on AngularJS. With the Progressive Web Apps, it’s quite certain that AngularJS is influencing the web application development in a great way.

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Code Generation

AngularJS converts the templates into highly optimized codes which perform like the frameworks for developing the mobile/web applications. Developers can build the data models on RxJS, Immutable.JS or any other push model with the use of AngularJS.

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Declarative templates can be quickly made with AngularJS and template language can be extended with your own elements. That’s how a massive collection of elements can be used. Almost every editor and IDE offer help and backup in AngularJS web development.

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Performance and Speed

If you are going to deal on the web platform, AngularJS can be your best buddy with the caliber to pull off the maximum speed. Moreover, the applications’ performance will be on par when you choose the JavaScript framework for developing a mobile or web app.

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Why Choose Intlum as Your AngularJS Developer?

Intlum is your AngularJS development partner with a handful of benefits to offer. There are several aspects which will advocate on our company’s behalf for choosing Intlum. Let’s see a few of them.

Fast and Fluid Development

Fast and Fluid Development

Intlum’s proficient AngularJS developers bring out the best from the clients’ requirement and develop the spontaneous and native web and mobile application with their professional skills!

Clients are Our Priority

Clients are Our Priority

Continuous performance and client satisfaction are two of the primary aspects we prioritize. According to clients’ requirement, project budget and demand, we deploy the customized solutions.

Competitive Pricing

Experience in AngularJS

We have gathered a priceless experience in AngularJS web development services. Our AngularJS coders are working on this field from a prolonged period and have become very much efficient.

Dedicated AngularJS Developer

Dedicated AngularJS Developer

Along with our other dedicated hiring services, we offer Dedicated AngularJS Developer hiring service as well! With our skilled developers working only on your project, your success is assured.

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