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Work Process


We start our work from the very moment when you decide to assign us the task of your website development. We brainstorm, study, and familiarize ourselves with your organization type and its requirements. Being the leading web design and development company in Kolkata, India, we strive for doing a background study which, as per our belief, is vital for delivering excellent and satisfying results. With our own Project Management System (PMS), Superfly, we involve and connect our designers, developers, project managers, and our clients for an extensive Q&A session amongst each other to ensure that the purpose, vision, and intention of the project are comprehensible by everyone indulged in the project.

The first stage of the development process is the foundation for the rest of the developmental phases. Thus, it is extremely important to finish the first part of your development work with no stones unturned. At the very first stage, it’s important to clear every single query related to the project since the slightest misunderstanding can lead the project to the wrong direction! We move forward when each of our queries is answered and we have no confusion left.



Be it a game, war or website development, planning or blueprint is one of the fundaments so that the idea gets reflected on paper for visualization and comprehension. Wireframing is a rough layout of a website’s structure by placing each aspect and element of the website in the right place. The wireframe explains how the vital elements of a website like the business logo, graphics, menu tabs, CTA, etc will be placed and how they are going to behave during the user interaction. This pictorial portrayal of the whole website is specifically important because this will help the coding team and designers collaborate preventing any confusion from occurring.

Once the wireframe is designed, we show it to our clients for approval. We make modification on the wireframe (if required) and move ahead to the next stage when the wireframing is finalized.



Once the wireframe is created, our creative UI designers start filling the outline and give definition to the sketch. In the UI designing stage, our UI designers design the graphics and visuals which will be visible on the website.

Being a big fan of the flat UI design, our designs reflect the love for the minimalistic approach. Also, you can see the use of flat design on our website as well! But that’s not to say that we are not proficient in other designing techniques! At Intlum, we have a herd of talented UI designers who are capable of crafting diverse kinds of designs. If you have an idea, we bring it to the visual spotlight with our designing expertise. Even when you face trouble in appearing with a specific design idea, our creative UI designers can help you with innovative, unique, creative, and market-best layout designs solely for your business.

UI design


At this phase, our front-end developers bring the graphics, developed by the UI designers, into life. Our experienced and skilled UX developers utilize their developmental wizardry and animate visuals, make the buttons and icons clickable with the ease of their coding magic. Also, our developers are the very people who always stay eager to ensure that your website is adaptable across all the devices and screen resolutions by making use of the responsive HTML. Also, your website speed (which is a crucial aspect for user experience and search ranking) is taken care in this stage of our work procedure. Our efficient UX developers make sure that your site opens in the quickest time possible, considering its weight, internet connection, and hosting provider.

Suported Browser & Devices

UI Development


Every website on the internet has a front-end and a backend. While the visible part of a website after opening can be called front-end, the backend works behind the curtain. What we mean to say is when a user visits a website or clicks tabs or interacts with the website, that’s the part of the website’s front-end which is built by the UX developers. But when it comes to the information provided by the users through the login details or feedback forms, that is stored on the backend of the website. Moreover, the specific and complex functionalities are developed from the backend which works on the front-end to ease the users. These backend functionalities are developed by our experienced and talented web developers.

At Intlum, our expert web developers write lengthy lines of codes only to make sure that our clients get an easily manageable backend for their website(s). A successful website is built when the functional and aesthetic front-end is matched up by the simple and operative backend with the feature-rich CMSs like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and Frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel, JavaScript Frameworks like Angular.JS, Vue.JS, CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, etc.

Web development


From the initial development stage, our Unit and Module testing take place for every phase! But we prioritize the overall product testing since it is very much vital for detecting the bugs and coding errors and fixing them. So, our proficient website testers make use of the V-Model to complete the testing process at every stage. Moreover, our testers go beyond and use every possible device from desktop to smartphones, tabs, and every major browser ranging from Firefox, Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome to test your website. Also, we ensure the fact that the codes written on your website are W3C validated, the contents are SEO-friendly, and the website speed optimization is at the optimum level.

Intlum trails a precise process of testing. Not a single flaw goes out of our eyes during the Q&A testing. Sometimes the flaw is detected and resolved at the first go and sometimes, we have to test multiple times to get the job done. But whatever the situation is, we have always been able to deliver the error-free sites within the timeline.

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