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Website Maintenance

Having an attractive, engaging, and SEO-optimized website developed does not end your job role. Rather, you need to upkeep the performance of your website. And that calls for the website maintenance service!

We understand your dilemma! You want the website to keep performing well and stay fruitful to you. At Intlum, we take pride in maintaining the website on your behalf, so that you don’t need to worry about the engagement and optimization of your website. We keep the flow of leads coming to our clients by maintaining their websites and we want to keep on doing so by maintaining the website and helping you retain the leads for your business and keeping its standard alive. Our website maintenance services include:

  • We let your website evolve with the changing market trends.
  • We give you the provision to access an online helpdesk that will enable you to send your updates easily and allow our experts to take care of any modification quickly.
  • At Intlum, we offer you the website updates in order to meet your content needs, product/service updates, interactivity, eCommerce specials, and overall site improvements.

What are Some Typical Website Updates?

As your business grows, our website maintenance service ensures your site continues to meet your company’s needs. Examples of typical website updates include the following:


The most reliable performance evaluation of your website is the feedback you receive from the customers who are visiting your website. The queries, criticisms, comments, and recommendations from the users will work collectively to offer you imperative feedback that would certainly improve your website. You can make use of these suggestions to enhance your website and online performance with our personalized website maintenance service.


The requirement for updating product or service list is an inevitable task. Being a running and growing business, you will surely introduce new services or products to your website and require updating the information on your old products and services. Thus, you need to avail the website maintenance service of Intlum in order to get personalized experience and enhance your online performance along with the revenue, simply because your website is updated and current.


Ecommerce sites are at rise at the moment. And the online stores often give out a range of offers, special discount programs, and much more for the hike in sales. These sorts of short and long-term sales initiatives will definitely require multiple little to large updates on your website. So, when you need a regular update on your website, you should look for the expert hands of Intlum to take care of all your website updates that would make your sales better and sturdier with unique offers!

What’s Included in Our Free Website Maintenance Plan?

We have included all the required updates on our website maintenance plan that are vital to maintain a website. Take a quick look at the services we offer:

  • Adding or Deleting the Web Pages Maintaining the Website Design
  • Adding, Editing, or Deleting the Links on Website and Web Pages
  • Addition or Deletion of Texts
  • Addition, Deletion, Basic Retouching, and Optimization of Images.
  • Adding or Deleting the Pre-Edited Videos
  • Basic Modification of Navigation such as Addition, Deletion or Moving Navigational Items
  • Adding or Deleting the Documents like PDF and Much More
  • Changing or Replacing the Background Images and Colors
  • Developing the Form Layout and Integrating It Dynamically
  • Other Supports like Email Setup and Much More
Billable Design

What’s Included in Our Billable Website Maintenance Plan?

Website modifications that require extensive work and loads of brainstorming do not come under our free website maintenance program. Since we have to put a major amount of man-hour behind a few designing and developmental works, Intlum quotes differently for the different major works. However, we can mention a few works that require a nominal cost.

  • Designing New Web Page(S) Which is Not Existing in the Website
  • A Complete (or Major) Redesign of a Web Page that Takes a Lot of Effort. Such as Changing a Whole Section with Functionality
  • Extensive Modification on the Website’s Navigation (Redesign or Restructuring)
  • Complex Manipulation or Retouching on Image(s)
  • Compressing, Manipulating or Editing Video File(s)
  • Adding, Compressing, or Editing Audio File(s)

** The List of Free and Paid Maintenance Plans are Not Complete List. Multiple Works May be Added or Eliminated as per the Work. The Lists are Subject to Change with Market Trends and Your Particular Requirement.

*Please note: this list is an example of the services not included in the website maintenance plans. This is not a complete list.

Benefits of Having Website Maintenance Service

Website with higher update frequency has better chances to rank on most of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Search Engines love fresh content and they are going to crawl your sites several times after each update.

A regular update on your website will make users curious about the changes you have made. They are going to re-visit your site to grab information.

Frequent updates on the website keep the site more informative and keep the business (and website) up-to-date which is preferred by the users as well as Google!

The timely update on any website keeps it well-organized and lets it have a positive impact on the audience.

Sections of Your Site that Require Frequent
Update and Maintenance

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02Latest News or Events
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03Call to Action
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05Offer on Products
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Why Intlum Technology is the Best Website Maintenance Service Provider in Kolkata

Unlike the usual website design and development companies you encounter with, Intlum prioritizes each of the projects regardless of the project price. Thus, we assign dedicated website designers and developers for each of the website maintenance projects. With our creative persona, coding techniques, and industry experience, we make sure your business performs well and the branding goes stronger!
Here are a few reasons why our clients place us above others

  • Prompt updates on the website for minimal changes. Even takes less than one day if the update is minor.
  • Regular detection and fixing for browser incompatibility, bugs, and viruses
  • Monitoring website performance on a regular interval
  • Monitoring the performance of the server
  • Fortnightly backup of website and database (varies for different sites)
  • Monthly report for the website visitor
  • Addition, Modification, or Deletion of Content
  • Backup Gathering on Demand
  • Updating the Plugin and CMS Core
  • Monitor, whether the client is receiving inquiry email, and whether the forms are functioning accurately
  • Regular inspection for broken link on the website
  • Identification and solution for the 404 Errors and redirection to a working URL
  • A free consultation session with clients for improving site performance and design factors
  • Available 24/7 via email or phone
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