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  • Learn About A/B/n Testing – Improve Your Site Brick by Brick
  • Learn About A/B/n Testing – Improve Your Site Brick by Brick

    A/B/n Testing

    In the quest for the success of a website, website owners employ and apply various tactics, whether it’s design, functionality, Call to Action buttons or alluring contents, they try them all. But there are a few more tricks which can enrich your site. Multivariate Testing, A/B Testing, A/A Testing, and A/B/n Testing are the topmost factors which can bring your most adored site to the spotlight.


    In this article, we are going to provide you with all the details regarding A/B/n Testing which will, eventually, enhance your website’s performance.


    What is A/B/n Testing?

    A/B/n testing is the process of testing multiple versions of a web page are compared against one another in order to decide which version is providing the highest conversion rate. In this kind of test, the traffic is arbitrarily split and evenly distributed among the different versions. As a result, the site owner can determine which version of the page performs the best among all.


    You must be wondering about the difference between A/B Testing and A/B/n Testing! Well, A/B Testing is the test where you can compare two versions of a web page with each other and when it comes to the A/B/n Testing, it allows you make more than 2 different versions of the same web page to compare. The ‘N’ in A/B/n Testing denotes the number of versions being tested.


    On the other hand, various individuals also get confused about A/B/n Testing with multivariate testing. While the Multivariate Testing also compares multiple versions of a single web page by putting all the possible combinations of variations at once, it’s considered more comprehensible than A/B/n Testing. While Multivariate Testing is being employed to test the changes of specific elements on a web page, A/B/n Testing is used for comparing different versions of a whole web page to one another.


    Importance of A/B/n Testing

    You will be able to get a result and decide which website design is providing you with better engagement and conversion from the end users. The detailed comparison of multiple web pages would help you determine which variation is liked the most by users. As a result, you can pick one variation to use on your site.


    When you have more than one concept for the betterment of your web page, A/B/n Testing will be immensely useful for you. It will provide you with an assured decision based on the concrete data produced by the test. You can see how one variation is outperformed by the other and you can choose the best one.


    Another advantage of A/B/n Testing is the test displays the worst performer among the variations along with the most successful one. When you observe the most successful and the most disappointing variations, it becomes easy for you to understand which are the factors that are making or breaking your web page’s engagement and traction. These comprehensions will certainly be useful in creating the further tests and building more successful web pages.


    Potential Downsides of A/B/n Testing

    Testing too many variations of a web page sometimes creates a hassle for the website owner. While you are employing multiple variations of a web page, it will certainly divide the traffic to the website among the number of variations you’ve used. The required time and traffic will also increase along with the process to reach a satisfying statistically significant result. This inefficiency is often labeled as statistical noise by many.


    Another downside of A/B/n Testing is that the test conductors often become unmindful and lose sight of the bigger picture. You should always remember that just for the reason that different variables performed well in their own experiments, you cannot assume that they will work well together. You can take the multivariate test into consideration in order to test all the variations and ensure that enhancements to the top-level metrics make a positive impact on the conversion funnel of your website.


    Hire Intlum for Conducting an A/B/n Test for Your Site

    Intlum Technology is one of the most reputed and oldest web development companies present in Kolkata. Since we do all the IT related works including A/B/n Testing, we will be a perfect destination for you to get the best help regarding testing two or more variations of a web page. We have the professionals, skills, and proficiency to execute the test successfully and provide you with the finest variation which will definitely enhance your website’s traction, engagement, and conversion. So, leave us your message and we will take you to the top.

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