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  • 8 Best PHP Frameworks for Agile Software Development
  • 8 Best PHP Frameworks for Agile Software Development

    Best PHP Frameworks for Software Development

    The development of agile software applications is often considered as a mammoth task for many developers and software development companies in India and beyond. However, it will continue to be so unless you make use of any good framework. The world has gone smarter and it would never be a smart move to jump into the agile software development task without making use of any framework and involving into the complications and time-consuming task of the development.

    Only a profound framework can give you the freedom to develop a well-functioning software application in the quickest time without any complications. Using the framework would certainly boost up the time for the development process alongside the efficiency in codes, modules, and functionality.

    Why Use PHP Frameworks?

    Despite the fact that application development on PHP frameworks is considered to be a segment of custom PHP development, selecting the ideal frameworks by making the right comparison of the features present in the service will still be a tiresome job for many. On the other hand, if the PHP frameworks are used for the development of agile software and web applications, it would offer great stability, long-term maintenance, and higher reliability. However, since there are multiple PHP frameworks available in the market, it often becomes a task of jeopardy to filter out others and choose the best ones for developing the best software application.

    Top PHP Frameworks for Software Development

    In order to help you in the process, we have come up with the best PHP frameworks which are used by the most recognized IT companies. We, at Intlum, also make use of these frameworks according to different project requirements. These PHP frameworks are selected after extensive research, thorough analysis, practical work result, and detailed interview from our developers. These frameworks are not only going to offer you organized codes but would also provide enhanced sustainability and immense functionality to the software and software applications. So, let’s have a look at them without further ado.



    First introduced in 2011, Laravel is one of the most famous frameworks of PHP. This is an open-source and free PHP framework that can help you build the most sophisticated software. The reason behind it is the fact that this framework is capable of handling the most complex web applications with the least security breach at a pace that is considerably faster than the other PHP frameworks. Tasks like authentication, caching, sessions, and routing are eased by Laravel, which makes the development process way more simplified. With the introduction of Homestead, an all-in-one, prepackaged vagrant box, installing Laravel has also become simpler. The most astounding aspect of Laravel is its security and speed, which are totally in line with the requirement in modern web development.

    Features of Laravel

    • With complex backend requirement, Laravel is the best PHP framework to choose.
    • Customization on complex applications is very easy with Laravel. For instance, MVC architecture support, routing, security, data migration, authentication, and view template engine are seamless with Laravel.
    • Along with being expressive, Laravel is optimum in terms of speed and security.
    • Laravel is an outstanding framework to choose for building scalable software solutions.



    Considered as one of the most efficient and robust PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter a wonderfully agile and open PHP framework which is famous for its outstanding simplicity and performance among the PHP developers of all countries and regions. If you, as a developer, prefer a useful and impressive toolkit, CodeIgniter will be a paradise for you to develop the most feature-rich software applications. With CodeIgniter, you would never have to abide by the coding rules and neither do you need to learn any other template language. This PHP framework has many features to be highlighted and some of them would surely instigate you to pick up the framework for your next software development project.

    Features of CodeIgniter

    • There will be better and more precise separation between the presentation and logic
    • The documentation will be clear and detailed
    • The performance will be above par
    • The compatibility of CodeIgniter with standard hosting is remarkable

    Zend Framework

    Zend Framework

    An object-oriented PHP framework, Zend Framework is highly extendable as it makes use of features like inheritance and interfaces. Zend framework was built on agile methodology, and that comes in handy while building top-quality software and applications for large enterprises. Abiding by the best practices of PHP, Zend is highly customizable. And that is also the reason why it becomes a great choice for the developers who need project-specific functionalities.

    If you need a PHP framework for enterprise-level complex developmental work, Zend will be the best framework to choose. Banks and large IT departments often prefer Zend over the other frameworks. Moreover, you’ll feel extremely comfortable in using Zend since it comes with a large community base and an exceptional documentation. However, it can be a little difficult for the mobile app development.

    Features of Zend Framework

    • MVC components
    • Session management
    • Simple cloud API
    • Data encryption
    • Integration with external libraries



    Filled with outstanding features like role and authentication-based access control, coaching, scaffolding, testing, and MVC, Yii is one of the rarest PHP platforms which can save a lot of your valuable time by splitting your process of software development into two simple steps – PHP code customization for suiting preferred needs and database development. On top of that, the loading of features on Yii is way faster than the other PHP frameworks which will help the developers by lessening the inconvenience often caused by waiting for features to be loaded. Yii, like Laravel or CodeIgniter, has some incredible features of its own which are remarkable and can advocate grabbing the framework for your next project.

    Features of Yii

    • Corroboration and form input
    • Third-party code compatibility
    • Multiple security measures are incorporated for avoiding any attacks on the applications



    CakePHP would be the best PHP framework if you are looking for zero configuration. With CakePHP, you are not only going to develop the software applications in the most convenient way but also, you’ll be able to use the code generation features for the quickest output without any complicated XML and YAML files. This will make sure that a developer can create the database easily without any insignificant matters.

    Furthermore, development and management of new projects are immensely easy with CakePHP considering the fact that you’ll get the access to everything you would require from translations to the database, authentication, validation, caching, and many more. Apart from these awesome benefits, you can develop software applications on a rapid pace using the code generation features and scaffolding. Let’s have a look at the topmost features of CakePHP.

    Features of CakePHP

    • You can get two official sources of documentation on CakePHP
    • A set of conventions on CakePHP comes in great help for the developers for creating applications
    • Built-in tools like CSRF protection and SAL injection prevention make the framework a great choice



    Phalcon can be called the unique PHP framework compared to the others because its source code is basically written in C language. This means Phalcon is actually a C extension of PHP. This may sound a bit weird but in reality, it becomes one of the fastest frameworks of PHP available at the moment. In terms of performance, Phalcon does what its name suggests, and delivers topnotch results, which helps in complex software development.

    This framework makes use of MVC architecture and is light on resources. What adds to its uniqueness is the fact that there are almost no files that comes with it during the installation; you need to add the libraries and modules as per requirement. And this keeps the development process uncluttered.

    Features of Phalcon

    • It is a PHP framework based on C language
    • Low resources and exceptional performance
    • Use of libraries and modules as per requirement



    Kohana, a robust HMVC 5 PHP framework, offers numerous elements for building applications. Components like database access, profiling, validation, translation tools, and much more can surely make your development process a lot easier. What’s more is that BSD license can be found in Kohana which can be altered and utilized for any commercial purpose. You can pull out components, develop any fresh application, and incorporate the latest libraries quite conveniently with Kohana. There are multiple features that can be decisive (positively) for the framework’s selection. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

    Features of Kohana

    • Configuration and code generation time gets reduced
    • Immensely active and huge community forums along with IRC channels
    • Outstanding debugging tools and profiling



    One of the most well-known PHP frameworks, Symfony is the best PHP framework to boost up the development speed. Moreover, this framework works excellently well in terms of the maintenance of software applications by making use of the wonderful features. By making use of PHPUnit and other ‘de-facto’ standards, the developer would never be limited within Symfony atmosphere. However, they do have the authority to select the software component in line with the requirement.

    There is a set of prefabricated components that can be found in this highly applauded PHP framework. These components are incorporated along with a clear methodology that comes in handy to develop the software applications in the most efficient manner. Let’s take a quick look at the most beneficiary features of Symfony that would leave you with no options but to fall in love with this PHP framework.

    Features of Symfony

    • Versatile functionalities can be developed in applications using the standalones
    • Repetitive coding tasks are removed
    • Complicated applications are easily developed by Symfony

    A Few More PHP Frameworks

    Apart from the above five, there are many more PHP Frameworks available in the market that deserve to be mentioned. Frameworks like Fuel PHP, Slim, Aura that are also some great choices for the software developers who are looking for a nice framework to build their software applications.


    These frameworks are the best in the lot and can be used for developing a fully functional and working software application without falling in any complexities and errors. All your development jobs would be easier and faster with the above-mentioned frameworks. You need to understand one thing – smart work can save you from being eliminated from the race. So, get smart, save your time, and choose the most lucrative framework that can offer you the best outcome in the form of an agile software application with the finest efficiency and functionality.

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