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  • Top 31 Project Management Tools for Better Team Collaboration
  • Top 31 Project Management Tools for Better Team Collaboration

    project management tools and software

    Well, let’s first understand the scenario – the world’s gone smarter and so should you. Going smart isn’t fascination any more, it’s become a necessity! When you have a ton to do in your office including your mind-numbing work pressure and lined-up ongoing projects, all you need is a nice and simple way to manage your complex projects and large team! Guess what! We are here with the best project management tools which would surely simplify your work-life, let you stay in sync and finish your projects with complete ease.

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    Best Project Management Tools and Software to Finish Projects with Ease

    This is a complete guide where you’ll find 42 outstandingly impactful project management software alongside their full features, pricing, and specialty. Stop lurking around the internet, ‘cause you’ve reached the right place to decide your project management tool. We’ve gathered the free, paid, and open-source project management apps just for you. Waiting for what? Scroll down and read in detail.

    1. Trello

    Trello - Project Management Software

    A simple software for the simplicity lovers, Trello is quite a known term in the world of project management. Trello comes with a cardboard-like dashboard for the users which helps in managing the daily assignments in the most efficient manner. Trello is one of such project management tools that come with an attractive interface and make it easy to visualize the project tasks.

    Top Features of Trello

    • Free for basic services
    • Tags, labels, and categories make the organization easier
    • Drag and Drop functionality
    • Deadline Reminders
    • List arrangement by time and date
    • Image and file sharing
    • Unlimited task creation
    • Progress Meter with Checklists
    • Voting
    • Activity log
    • Email notification
    • Simple task management with cardboard


    The most visual collaboration tool for all – from individuals to fortune 500 companies.


    • Personal Use: Free
    • Business Use: $9.99 per user per month (annually)
    • Enterprise Use:  $20.83 per user per month (for 20 users)

    2. Basecamp

    Basecamp - project management tool

    Basecamp is focused on real-time communication and collaboration, compared to the old-school project management tasks like long-term scheduling and resource planning. This is one of the project management tools which will be adored by social media lovers. The social media-like interface of the software makes it interesting and fun along with topnotch functionalities like calendars, To-Do lists, file-sharing and due dates along with Campfire and its own chat room.

    Top Features of Basecamp

    • Social Media-like Interface
    • Push Notification
    • Discussion Threads
    • Calendar Management
    • File Sharing
    • Milestone Tracking
    • Collaboration Tools for Team
    • Project Completion Tracking (in percentage)
    • Client Portal
    • Chat and Messaging
    • Task Management
    • Subtask Creation
    • Document Management


    The interface is similar to social media which makes Basecamp fun to use.


    • $99/month for Unlimited Users
    • Free for Teachers and Students
    • Discounts for Non-Profit Organizations

    3. Bitrix24

    Bitrix24 - project management app

    Bitrix24 is a unified platform that contains all the relevant project management tools for intuitive collaboration and communication among team members. Up to 12 users can start a project collaboration on Bitrix24 for free and further additions will require costing. This PMS (Project Management Software) has highly scalable premium plans which make it apt for your next big projects. Powered by a range of topnotch functionalities, Bitrix24 should be used for every little to large project collaboration.

    Top Features of Bitrix24

    • Internal Communication gets easier with social intranet
    • Virtual telephone calling
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration and reports
    • Project management apps available for iOS and Android
    • File sharing and versioning
    • Sales funnel
    • Task reporting and time management
    • Bulk email
    • Messaging
    • Project workflow
    • Calendar sharing
    • WebDAV support


    One of the most feature-rich project management software with traditional project management to the HR system, telephone integration, and internal email.


    • Free Plan: 12 users (5 GB storage)
    • CRM+ Plan: $69/month for 6 users (50 GB storage)
    • Standard Plan: $99/month for 50 users (100 GB storage)
    • Professional Plan: $199/month for unlimited users (unlimited storage)

    4. Scoro

    Scoro - business management tool

    Scoro is a cloud-based all-in-one project management tool, focused on small to medium enterprises. This software includes all the possible features and functionalities, a perfect PMS requires; from the tasks and communication to billing and reporting. Especially, known as a web design project management software, Scoro is also a great collaborative tool for other domains as well. With easy features and functionalities, Scoro interface is a breeze to use even for first-time users.

    Top Features of Scoro

    • Real-time business dashboard
    • Resource planning
    • Invoice scheduling
    • Late invoice alerts
    • Quote management
    • Task management
    • Contact management
    • File sharing and management
    • Lead management
    • Commission calculator
    • Customer management
    • Company news feed
    • Custom fields and tags


    Scoro is a one-stop project management tool that will streamline all your work processes without requiring different tools for every other job. The pricing is comparatively higher than other tools but that’s perhaps because of the extended features.


    • Essential Plan: $26/user/month
    • Work Hub: $37/user/month
    • Sales Hub: $37/user/month
    • Business Hub: $61/user/month


    • Minimum 5 users are required for starting off with any plan
    • Onboarding starts from $899 for any plan

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    5. Asana

    Asana - project management software

    One of the most popular business management tools, Asana comes with robust work management environment that combines all the vital project management elements from collaboration to file storage and communication. Asana enables its users to organize the tasks and works in the most professional manner along with priorities and deadlines. Overall, Asana is the best project management tool that can bring a team together.

    Top Features of Asana

    • Breakdown of work into tasks
    • Task assignment to team members
    • Task tracking and follower addition
    • Team progress tracking and milestone reviewing
    • Multiple workspaces
    • Goal and priority creation
    • Task list and focus mode
    • Auto-updates to inbox/email
    • Custom calendar creation
    • Set project permission
    • Project Dashboard for a quick overview


    The simple layout of this PMS makes it an easy-to-use tool, even for a newbie. For small teams and not-so-complex projects, Asana works like magic.


    • Basic Plan: Free
    • Premium Plan: $9.99/user/month
    • Business Plan: $19.99/user/month
    • Enterprise Plan: Price will depend upon the requirement

    6. Jira

    Jira - Project management app

    Jira is cross-platform bug tracking software which has also become one of the topmost names among the best project management tools all over the world. With the advanced project management features and capabilities, Jira is there to help almost over 70,000 users work with total control over the projects across the globe.

    Top Features of Jira

    • Jira also has a native project management app for iOS and Android
    • The flexible REST API integration
    • Bug and defect management
    • Robust search and filtering options
    • Customizable workflows
    • Customizable wallboards and dashboards
    • Robust administration and security
    • Download availability
    • Seamless mobile interface
    • Real-time reporting on works


    Jira is a specialized IT project management tool which brings the perfect collaboration to the web design companies and software development teams.


    • $10/month for 10 Users
    • $7/user/month for 11-100 users
    • $6/user/month for 200 users

    The Jira Pricing is a bit confusing but you can calculate the exact pricing on Jira Calculator on their website.

    7. ProofHub

    Proofhub - task management software

    ProofHub’s client-list is ornamented with giants like Wipro, Disney, Harvard University, TripAdvisor, and NASA! Well, do you need any other explanation why you should go for ProofHub when NASA makes use of this project management tool? If you want, read it out. ProofHub is a cloud-hosted Project Management Software that brings the features of different tools under one roof.

    Top Features of ProofHub

    • Easy feedback sharing with online proofing software
    • Time tracking
    • Project history tracking and Reporting
    • Milestones and events
    • User role management
    • Discussions and chat
    • Task assignment
    • Multiple languages
    • Compatible with tablet and mobile
    • Gantt charts enable project visualization
    • Secure file storage


    Apart from a well-designed user interface, ProofHub comes with an extensive set of features that will eliminate the need for any other project management tools.


    • Essential Plan: $45/month (40 projects, unlimited users, 15GB storage)
    • Ultimate Control Plan: $89/month (Unlimited projects, unlimited users, 100GB storage)
    • Heavy discounts on Non-Profit Organizations.

    8. Workzone

    Workzone - business management app

    One of the oldest project management software, Workzone has been around since 2000 and the app was developed by a highly experienced and dedicated team of ad executives who wanted to help creative teams and organizations get better visibility and control in work management. Workzone is an effective, intuitive, and secure hub for task sharing and management which ensures that every professional in the team stays on the same page.

    Top Features of Workzone

    • Workflow approval
    • Tailored To-Do list
    • Automated reports
    • User permission (including clients) for accessing files, projects, and tasks
    • Project templates and request forms
    • Secure file sharing
    • Task and Subtask creation
    • Gantt chart
    • Expense and time tracking
    • Dashboard for projects
    • Group calendar and custom branding


    Despite having some of the most powerful tools, Workzone comes with simpler use compared to other project management tools.


    Workzone has three plans subscription – Team, Professional, and Enterprise. Primarily, their pricing starts from $20.00/month/user but the precise pricing plan can be accessed from their website since they have different pricing for different team sizes. So, you need to pay a quick visit to Workzone Pricing Page, fill up some details and get the pricing on your email or phone.

    9. WorkBook

    WorkBook - PMS for all business

    The WorkBook is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution which has multiple business applications integrated.  This project management application is a software suite that combines the features and functionalities of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Project Management, Financial Management, Resource Management, File Sharing, Accounting, and Forecasting.

    Top Features of WorkBook

    • Activities and follow-up list
    • Project and chart task list
    • Sales pipeline with weighted revenue
    • Team Collaboration
    • Price Quote and Invoice creation (can also be sent via email)
    • Customizable and flexible finance report
    • Client portal
    • Contact list management
    • File saving and sharing


    The WorkBook has several different modules which work according to the different needs of organizations with the payment for only the module you require.


    • Basic Users: £13/user/month
    • Projects: £17/user/month
    • + CRM: £20/user/month
    • + Finance: £24/user/month
    • Full Site: £32/user/month

    10. Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects - PMS tool for business

    Without any scope of doubt, Zoho Projects stands tall as one of the simplest project management tools to streamline your forthcoming tasks and works in clicks. Using its fully automated and customizable features, Zoho Projects lets you manage your projects from the very initial stage to closing. In a nutshell, Zoho Projects is an unparallel collaboration tool for team members to meet project goals.

    Top Features of Zoho Projects

    • Task Blueprint
    • Time logging
    • Project feed and project budgeting
    • Expense tracking
    • Time tracking and time sheets
    • Task lists with multiple tasks and milestones
    • File and document management
    • Import from Basecamp and Jira
    • Kanban Board for issues and tasks
    • Project dashboards
    • Discussions and forums


    You must’ve heard about Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects is integrated with it and the other Zoho tools which ensures that every aspect of your agency is covered in one system.


    • Free Plan: 5 users, 2 projects, 5 client users
    • Standard Plan: $153/Annum (1-6 users)
    • Express Plan: $490/Annum (1-15 users)
    • Premium Plan: $1040/Annum (1-20 users)
    • Enterprise Plan: $1529/Annum (1-25 users)

    11. Podio

    Podio - Project Management Tool

    One of the most versatile project management tools, Podio is used by more than 500,000 organizations to manage their internal and external business affairs. With a highly flexible and customizable series of app and tools, this business management tool becomes one of the hottest commodities to manage, organize, and complete tasks with absolute ease and track.

    Top Features of Podio

    • Task Assignment and To-Do List for project breakdown
    • Encrypted and large file transfer
    • Workflow automation
    • Expense and Time tracking
    • Cost-to-Completion tracking
    • Milestone tracking
    • Task and subtask creation
    • Sales pipeline automation
    • Visual dashboard


    You can add ‘IF-THIS-THEN-THAT’ logic to Podio apps with the help of its workflow features. For example, Podio will create a task or comment if an item is created or the item has an update. This feature works outstandingly well with the fast-paced project management.


    • Free Plan: Free for 5 employees
    • Basic Plan: $7.20/month
    • Plus Plan: $11.20/month
    • Premium Plan: $19.20/month
    • Custom Plan: For a custom plan, you need to contact Podio authority

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    12. Wrike

    Wrike - Project management app

    Wrike takes your team collaboration and communication to new heights with unparallel transparency. Wrike is one of the most versatile project management tools that come with a range of collaboration, document management, and communication tools. Also, the project management software will allow you to set priorities and make team alignment for faster and more effective work.

    Top Features of Wrike

    • Task management
    • Task prioritization
    • Gantt chart offers an interactive timeline
    • Document Collaboration
    • iPhone and Android apps for mobile business management
    • Workload management
    • Time tracking
    • Customized reports
    • Google Doc and Dropbox integrations


    The interactivity of Wrike is inspiring! The interactivity offered by Wrike can hardly be seen in any other project management software. Even their website homepage is filled with interactive elements that explain their features and functionalities.


    • Free Plan: Free for 5 users
    • Professional Plan: $9.80/user/month
    • Business Plan: $24.80/user/month
    • Wrike for Marketers: Pricing will be decided as per requirement
    • Enterprise Plan: Pricing will be decided as per requirement

    13. Notion

    Notion - Team Collaboration Software

    Notion is an out-of-the-box project management tool that assists the teams in project planning and discussion. This PMS will offer you an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, and collaborate. With the modern features and interface, Notion makes the communication between clients and team easier than ever alongside keeping track of all the important ideas and documents.

    Top Features of Notion

    • Multi-device synchronization
    • File sharing
    • Flexible task board building with drag and drop editor
    • Online and offline availability and running
    • Opens and runs with browser
    • Runs offline with mobile app, Windows, and Mac
    • Page nesting inside each other
    • Idea outlining and arrangement as per requirement
    • Personal weekly checklist


    Notion will let you assemble the project workflows which would work perfectly for your team. Notion is as simple as a text editor which ensures that everything is done simply! And also, Notion can be counted among the most affordable project management tools in the world.


    • Free Plan: Unlimited members (Limited features)
    • Personal Plan: $4/month (1 member only)
    • Team Plan: $8/user/month (Unlimited members)
    • Enterprise Plan: $20/user/month (Unlimited members)

    14. Celoxis

    Celoxis - Project Management Tool

    If you make a list of the one-stop and low-cost project management tools, Celoxis would surely make among the top few positions. Celoxis helps in planning and tracking projects, tasks, portfolios, timesheets, resources, risks, and issues. It is a comprehensive business management software for extensive collaboration with a free client portal. The dashboards and reporting capabilities of Celoxis are unparallel, compared to the other tools in the market.

    Top Features of Celoxis

    • Expense and time system with online approval
    • Advanced scheduling
    • Customizable and clickable Gantt charts
    • Multiple dashboards
    • Report analytics
    • Project tracking
    • Project templates
    • Project portfolio management
    • Client collaboration (free)
    • Microsoft Project synchronization
    • Unlimited task constraints, hierarchy, and dependencies


    You will get both SaaS and On-Premise (can be hosted on a separate server) options with Celoxis, based on the requirement of your team.


    • Cloud: $22.5/user/month (billed annually)
    • On-Premise: $450/user (billed once)

    Note: Both the Celoxis plans require a minimum of 5 users.

    15. FunctionFox

    FunctionFox - Task management tool

    With a ton of intuitive project management features, FunctionFox is a timesheet tool availed by a great number of creative professionals across the globe. The tool is not only easy-to-use but also comes with a load of result-driven project management features like milestone tracking and budget comparison. Also, project tracking is possible from conceptualization to completion with this tool. With a nice user interface, FunctionFox is a pleasant software to use.

    Top Features of FunctionFox

    • Budget comparison
    • Easy project creation and management
    • Subtasks and milestones
    • Time tracking and to-do list
    • Interactive real-time reporting
    • Timesheet with a Stopwatch Timer
    • Account preference and customization
    • Project blog and email alerts on comments
    • Project cost and expense tracking
    • Invoicing
    • Access rights and contractor/client access


    FunctionFox offers visually manageable dashboards which are customizable as per personal preferences. It will let you have a quick overview of your upcoming works along with team results.


    • Classic Plan: $5/user/month ($35/month for 1st user)
    • Premier Plan: $10/user/month ($50/month for 1st user)
    • In-House Plan: $20/user/month ($150/month for 1st user)

    16. Paymo

    Paymo - Team Collaboration tool

    Paymo is one of such task management tools that come with an extensive range of features for the teams like proper planning, scheduling, task management, and time tracking. It is an outstanding project management tool for having all the team members under one roof for a more fruitful collaboration. Whether you are a marketing, creative, business consulting, or web designing company, Paymo is there to sort all your needs and let you manage your works faster and better.

    Top Features of Paymo

    • Kanban Boards and Gantt charts for precise scheduling and planning
    • Detailed work reports
    • Team performance monitoring through the dashboard
    • Billing system after task completion
    • Customizable work and time reports
    • Discussion and comments for seamless collaboration
    • Personalization
    • Mobile project management apps


    Time tracking automation has gone real with Paymo. Downloading the Paymo desktop app and allowing it to track down your PC usage will get you all the time entries categorically.


    • Free Plan: 1 user limit
    • Small Office Plan: $9.56/user/month
    • Business Plan: $15.16/user/month

    17. Nutcache

    An all-in-one project management tool, Nutcache gets the best of the agile workflow to ensure better planning, tracking, and organization of tasks and projects. Nutcache is built for the small teams with tools that come in aid to finish the project delivery lifecycle. Using Nutcache’s agile planner gives you the opportunity to watch the works others are doing!

    Top Features of Nutcache

    • Project creation for specific clients
    • Project and task management
    • Expense management
    • Timer configuration for a specific duration or start/end mode
    • Time tracking and billing
    • Timesheet and expense approval by the team leader and project manager
    • Team management
    • Board creation for specific projects
    • Milestone and alerts
    • Customizable workflow and organized tasks
    • Priority-wise card assignment


    Apart from an attractive user interface, Nutcache is exceptional for team collaboration and simple project management.


    • Freelancer Plan: $8.95/month (maximum 1 user, 50 clients)
    • Pro Plan: $6/user/month (unlimited users, unlimited clients)
    • Enterprise Plan: $12/user/month (All Pro Plan features and many more)

    18. Microsoft Project

    Microsoft Project - Project Management tool of Microsoft

    Microsoft Project is a flexible portfolio management tool (PPM) with on-premise and cloud-based options. This software is designed to streamline resource, portfolio and project management by organizing and keeping a tab of your projects, incorporating everyday tasks and inclusive direction. Through Office 365, this platform can be delivered online. Currently, this business management tool is used and accessed by more than 20+ million users!

    Top Features of Microsoft Project

    • Project portfolio management
    • Project scheduling and costing
    • Resource management
    • Built-in project templates
    • Real-time communication
    • Project timelines
    • Improved daily collaboration
    • Intuitive presentation
    • Information discovery and sharing
    • Business intelligence and reporting


    Microsoft Projects comes with the robust Microsoft platform which eliminates any threat of downtime and bugs. Also, you’ll get a simplified project management solution with visualization, integration, usability, adaptiveness, and great interface.


    • Cloud-Based Solutions
      • Project Online Essentials: $6.80/user/month
      • Project Online Professional: $28.90/user/month
      • Project Online Premium: $52.90/user/month
    • On-Premise Solutions
      • Project Standard: $576.30
      • Project Professional: $1129
      • Project Server: Price will be decided as per requirement

    19. Avaza

    Avaza - Project Management software

    One of the simplest project management tools, Avaza is an intuitive and result-driven solution for project collaboration with your customers and team. You can schedule resources, manage expenses, track time, and share files quickly with this outstanding task management tool. You can get an overview of everyone’s activity and manage work assignments which help in smarter and improved scheduling decision.

    Top Features of Avaza

    • Cardboard-like interface for task management
    • Task visualization, filtration, and grouping across projects
    • Automated task reminders
    • Flexible project budgeting and billing
    • Flexible and easy time tracking and timesheet approval
    • Single-click time tracking from any screen
    • Easy resource management for each project
    • Quick Invoice and Quotation sending
    • Project progress dashboards


    Each project of this amazingly intuitive collaboration software has a user-friendly email address which lets you convert emails into tasks by simply forwarding emails from the email registered in Avaza!


    • Free Plan: Completely free of cost (with limited access and resources)
    • Startup Plan: $9.95/month
    • Basic Plan: $19.95/month
    • Business Plan: $39.95/month

    Note: All the plans have different access and resources. Adding to the access and resources will have an increase in the pricing. Visit Avaza Pricing Plans to know about their packages in detail.

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    20. Insightly

    Insightly - Task management and collaboration app

    Touted as one of the finest online small business CRM, Insightly has acquired more than 500,000 users across the globe with enterprise-level modules for big companies. Along with being a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, Insightly also comes with a set of efficient business and project management features which led us to add this platform among the list of best project management tools.

    Top Features of Insightly

    • Flexible calendaring and events
    • All management support like contacts, leads, partners, organizations, suppliers, and vendors
    • Improved customer relationship
    • Custom fields and filters
    • File sharing
    • Bulk email contacts by integrating MailChimp
    • Milestone, pipeline and task creation for projects
    • iOS and Android apps
    • automated email reminders
    • Dashboard for quick lookup


    Insightly is one of such CRMs that has been built for all kinds of users – from the sales experts to first-time CRM users. This project management app is built for comprehensive collaboration.


    • Plus Plan: $29/user/month
    • Professional Plan: $49/user/month
    • Enterprise Plan: $99/user/month

    21. Cage

    Cage - Project Collaboration tool

    If you want to improve how your creative team collaborates and works, Cage is the finest collaboration software to do so. This is one of the project management tools which are best-fit for the creative agencies, designers, and in-house teams. You can join forces with your team directly during the work on Cage and use its advanced toolkits to discuss and get feedback faster.

    Top Features of Cage

    • Calendar, content, contact, document, and task management
    • Video conferencing
    • Discussion boards
    • Filesharing
    • Due date tracking
    • Project creation and management
    • Client approval
    • Revision tracking
    • Password protection for projects
    • Design decision sharing
    • Image, video, audio, and PDF annotation


    Cage is the finest combination of collaboration and project management. Project planning and video conferencing features of this team collaboration tool are fascinating.


    • Free Plan: Free for 1 user with limited features
    • Standard Plan: $8/user/month
    • Professional Plan: $14/user/month


    Monday.Com - Project management tool (the new name of previously-known daPulse) is one of the most intuitive business collaboration and project management tools that ensure efficient work management, deadline management, and transparency. This project management tool works best for discussion streamlining and monitoring performances and activities of the team members.

    Top Features of

    • Dropbox, Google Drive, and Pipedrive integration
    • Email notification
    • Auto-generated, searchable documentation
    • Unified document and communication management
    • Public and personal boards
    • Live comments
    • Detailed reporting and analytics
    • Visual progress display
    • Visual project management and project tracking
    • Execution board

    Specialty is such a collaboration software that is highly intuitive and easy-to-use. Moreover, the communication app syncs each and every information in a single, accessible hub.


    • Basic Plan: $25/month
    • Standard Plan: $39/month
    • Pro Plan: $59/month
    • Enterprise Plan: Requires consultation for pricing

    Note: All the plans are for 5 users. Each of pricing plans will be increased with more users.

    23. Redmine

    Redmine - Agency Management Software

    What about an open-source project management tool that works on multiple platforms with multi-lingual support? That’s what you are going to get with Redmine. If you’re a registered user of Redmine, you’ll be able to build and manage your projects and get access to the features that the tool offers. With this highly flexible tool, you can get all your collaboration and business management jobs done with ease. A downloadable software, Redmine is surely worth a try.

    Top Features of Redmine

    • Flexible control on role-based access
    • File and documentation management along with news feed
    • Custom fields for time-entries, projects, users, and issues
    • Forum and wiki for every project
    • Email notifications and feeds
    • Better planning with calendar and Gantt chart
    • SCM integrations
    • Support for multiple languages
    • Support for multiple databases
    • Support for multiple projects


    Redmine is a downloadable open-source task management tool which becomes handy with the multi-lingual support.


    • Free

    24. Redbooth

    Redbooth - Work management software

    Redbooth is one of the easiest project management software available in the market now. This team collaboration tool helps manage projects for busy teams. With time tracking, Kanban boards and other efficient project management tools integrated into this software, you’ll be able to organize your team and do your job how you want. You can start projects in a click from the project templates.

    Top Features of Redbooth

    • Shared virtual team workspaces
    • Efficient task and project planning and management
    • iOS and Android apps available
    • Video conferencing in HD for better collaboration
    • Direct message and voice calling
    • Easy task assignment and delegation
    • Team leaders and managers will get productivity reports
    • Transparent task layout
    • Visual dashboard


    Redbooth offers a full business package that offers everything that could be required in a project management software. From the direct calling to business chat and video conferencing, Redbooth is the finest treasure among the leading PMS.


    • Pro Plan: $9/user/month
    • Business Plan: $15/user/month
    • Enterprise Plan: Need to contact Redbooth authority to decide the price.

    25. LiquidPlanner

    LiquidPlanner - Project planning and management tool

    Time-tracking and project management get combined into a collaboration tool that’s called LiquidPlanner. The interesting project management methodologies of LiquidPlanner lets the project management tool set realistic deadlines based on diverse situations.

    Top Features of LiquidPlanner

    • Estimation of the realistic time range for task completion
    • Task commenting and scheduling
    • Collaboration boards based on tasks
    • Budget and time tracking integration
    • Note addition to projects
    • Cross-project visibility
    • Project analytics and reporting
    • Storing documents
    • Android and iOS applications


    LiquidPlanner is one of the most interesting business management tools available on the market with its realistic deadline creation based on best and worst-case situations.


    • Free Plan: 14-day free trial without any cost
    • Professional Plan: $45/user/month (minimum 5 users)
    • Enterprise Plan: $69/user/month (minimum 5 users)

    26. ClickUp

    ClickUp - PMS for organizations

    One of the highest-rated project management platforms around the world, ClickUp is focused on enhancing productivity by better task management, notes, project, and time management. This project collaboration tool is designed for all industries and team sizes with tasks, resource, and projects in one place. ClickUp has accumulated some must-have features for agile teams who want to keep everything in one place.

    Top Features of ClickUp

    • There will be box views, board view, and list view
    • Comment assignment
    • Smart estimates and smart search bring out the productivity in the team
    • Customizable workflow alongside stages keep people under one roof
    • Time estimation for automated scheduling
    • Goal making and success tracking
    • Space creation for work organization with workflow, tags, etc.
    • Notification customization
    • Comment assigning and editing
    • Gantt chart
    • Intuitive hierarchy to keep projects simple with growth


    ClickUp has beautified the world of project management tools with the unparallel user experience and aesthetic design.


    • Free Plan: Free with 100 MB storage
    • Unlimited Plan: $4.99/user/month
    • Business Plan: $8.99/user/month
    • Enterprise Plan: Price needs to be decided as per requirement

    27. 10,000FT Plans

    10000Ft Plans - Task Management tools

    A visual project management application, 10,000FT Plans is a simple but robust PMS that helps in efficient resource planning and estimation. You can make a crucial business decision regarding your projects and teams with this collaboration software which augments the productivity of the businesses. Apart from all that, time-tracking and resource management capabilities make it one of the most beneficial project management tools for organizations and teams.

    Top Features of 10,000FT Plans

    • Task and project management
    • Visual resource management
    • Detailed tracking and reporting of projects
    • Time tracking
    • Flexible planning interface
    • Task delegation
    • Real-time web-based project status
    • Group and filter analytics data


    10,000FT Plans offers an easy solution to plan, schedule and evaluate the result alongside a comprehensive outline of each project. Creative organizations of all sizes can make use of this tool.


    • 14-day free trial
    • Paid plans can be revealed by contacting them

    28. Advantage

    Advantage - Project management app

    Advantage is a project management software which has been designed for marketing firms and business organizations with great user experience. Advantage integrates all the agency roles into a single solution with robust features, powerful modules, and detailed reporting. The proofing, client relationship management, and billing procedures are automated with Advantage. Moreover, it has a clean and simple interface and functionality for businesses of large and medium size.

    Top Features of Advantage

    • Project automation makes the management more efficient
    • Time, expense and task management with a streamlined process
    • File sharing and collaboration
    • Complete reporting and estimation
    • Media management
    • Client activity and prospect management
    • Work automation and acceleration


    All kinds of agencies and organizations can avail Advantage as their project management software


    • Pricing depends upon the requirement.

    29. ProWorkflow

    Proworkflow - Business management tool

    Every team would love to get associated with ProWorkflow considering its amazingly intuitive interface and easy-to-use functionalities. Moreover, this project management tool is beautiful and versatile at the same time. ProWorkflow’s ability of integration with all the required tools streamline the task management process and time-consumption. This business management app makes it an absolute ease to track time, assign staff and schedule/reschedule projects.

    Top Features of ProWorkflow

    • Workload overview on the dashboard
    • Task allocation
    • Easy invoicing and quoting
    • Consultation and support
    • File sharing
    • Remote project and task management by cloud solution
    • Access on permission
    • Notification and alert
    • Gantt-style timeline


    The mobile apps of this remote project management software allow users to communicate, track time, manage tasks, and complete projects on the move.


    • Solo Plan: $9/user/month (10 active projects and 5 GB file storage)
    • Professional Plan: $18/user/month (Unlimited projects and 25 GB file storage)
    • Advanced Plan: $27/user/month (Unlimited projects and 50 GB file storage)

    30. Smartsheet

    Smartsheet - Team collaboration tool

    Smartsheet is one of the most efficient project management tools which is outstanding for collaborative work management and their automation. This portable collaboration software lets the teams get together for a nice project collaboration with reporting, task planning, resource management, and time-tracking. With a range of out-of-the-box features, Smartsheet becomes one of the household names when it comes to the best PMS for any industries.

    Top Features of Smartsheet

    • Project planning and scheduling
    • Great team collaboration
    • File attachment facility from Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive, etc.
    • Team activity and busyness tracking
    • Automatic update requests
    • Tactical planning
    • Program rollups
    • Gantt, calendar, and card view
    • Dashboard
    • Secure control for permission


    Almost 50% of the fortune 500 companies have shown their trust in Smartsheet as a project management software.


    • Individual Plan: $14/month (1 user)
    • Business Plan: $25/user/month
    • Enterprise Plan: Pricing on request
    • Premier Plan: Pricing on request

    31. EventCollab

    EventCollab is a project management web application which puts its focus on logistic tracking and event project management., From contacts to tasks, data, calendars, and schedules, every information is manageable in EventCollab. You can manage complex project easily on EventCollab, utilizing the easy-to-navigate interface. A range of state-of-the-art technologies is used by this project management tool to generate effective solutions in terms of collaboration, project schedule and document sharing, task assignment, time tracking, chatting, and more.

    Top Features of EventCollab

    • Real-time access to projects
    • Real-time team collaboration
    • Dashboard offers a high-level view of every active event
    • Restricted permission, data encryption, and role settings
    • Cloud-availability from any location


    EventCollab is built for planning and managing trade shows, events, meetings, and conferences from the beginning to the end.


    • From $20 per month

    Project management tools are indeed the finest way to deal with complex projects and team collaboration. Each of these 31 project management software is capable of managing all your projects and let your team stay in sync. With different offerings, features, and functionalities, these tools have one thing in common – all come with an assurance of managing the operations of organizations in the best way possible. With the changing needs of businesses and organizations, we hope this list will come in handy for you while dealing with multiple projects, tasks, and team members.

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