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  • What is A/A Testing? Know All about the Test before A/B Testing
  • What is A/A Testing? Know All about the Test before A/B Testing

    What is A/A Testing

    Do you want to build a website? Definitely, you have a purpose. And conversion is a common one for all the website owners. In this article, we have come up with a surefire trick to boost your conversion – A/A Testing. You might be wondering what’s A/A testing while more often you come across the term: A/B Testing when it’s about your website’s conversion rate. Well, we are here to enlighten you about one of the most viable techniques to make your website conversion-friendly. Let’s begin.


    What is A/A Testing?

    A/A Testing is nothing but testing two identical versions of a web page against each other through A/B Testing method. This test is employed to inspect whether the tool used to run the experiment is statistically fair. As a result of an A/A Test, the preferred and expected result should be zero conversion difference between the Variation and Control (if the test is run correctly).


    Importance of A/A Testing

    One question that everyone comes across when they get to hear about A/A Testing is what is the need of running a test when the Control (Original version of the web page) and Variation (The improved version) of a web page is same?


    In some cases, A/A Test is run in order to determine the baseline of the conversion rate for the A/B Testing. You can do the A/A Test and monitor the number of conversions the web page is generating for you. Then, you can track down the figure to create a baseline for your web page’s A/B Testing.


    On the other hand, A/A Testing is also a way to double-checking and reassuring the effectiveness and accuracy of the A/B Testing software you are going to make use of. You need to watch whether the software provides you a result with a statistically significant difference between the Control and Variation version of your web page. The statistical significance should not be more than 95%. If you see a report with the statistical difference more than the mentioned (95%), that means there’s probably a flaw in the process. You need to test whether or not the software is successfully implemented on your website or mobile application.


    Things to Keep in Mind with A/A Testing

    While you are running an A/A Test, it is vital to keep in mind that it is always possible to find a difference in conversion rate between the Control and Variation page even if they are identical. This cannot always be considered as an awful reflection on the A/B Testing platform. Since there’s always a chance of an element of randomness to appear in a test, you need to consider that beforehand.


    Statistical significance as the result of an A/A Test is a probability rather than a certainty – you need to keep this thing in mind whenever you opt for an A/A Testing. Even the 95% statistical significance displays 1 in 20 chances that the result produced by the test is generated due to random chance! However, in the most cases, the A/A Test should report a statistically inconclusive result in terms of the conversion rate improvement between the Control and Variation of a web page. Since there’s no such difference that could be found between the two version of a web page in A/A Test, the result should also not portray any difference (or very less).


    Different Types of A/A Testing

    A/A Testing can be differentiated into two different types: Hypothesis Testing and Bayesian A/B test. While Hypothesis Testing is all about predetermining the sample size (which has a higher risk to be incorrect), the Bayesian A/B Test displays the probability to be best (which often creates confusion as well).


    How Intlum Technology Can Help with A/A Testing

    You can expect the result in A/A Testing to be inconclusive in the most cases if you assign us to do that. The conversion difference between the Control and the Variations would not reach the statistical significance when we run the test since we have the professionals conducting the test and they never leave any single aspect that could go wrong.


    In a nutshell, conducting an A/A Test is always preferred if you are aiming at a high conversion rate from your web page. An A/A Testing confirms that you are doing things right for your upcoming A/B Test that would provide you the right result from which you can gather a great amount of traffic and conversion. And a proficient web design and development company is the only source to get your A/A Test done without any glitch. Make sure you are consulting with a well-acquainted company like Intlum for each of your IT needs.

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